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There is something for every art lover in Barcelona, whether you want to challenge contemporary art, traditional art or modern art. We've put together some of the best pieces from the city's most popular galleries and museums, but there's much more to choose from.

Barcelona is buried by some of the world's most famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Pablo Escobar, all of whom are thought to have influenced the face of Barcelona. Even the hospital is a bonafine work of art, and the stained glass windows of its main building astound. A must see - see artworks in Barcelona whether you are fascinated by its architecture, its history or its art.

The permanent collection includes works by internationally renowned contemporary masters, including Klee, Basquiat and others. The museum offers a strong overview of Spanish art of all eras and is located in one of the most prestigious buildings in Spain, the Royal Palace of Art and Design. It is the most visited art gallery in Barcelona and attracts over 1,000,000 visitors a year.

The MACBA Foundation, together with the Generalitat Barcelona, founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 1988. Since its opening in 1992, it has become one of the most important cultural institutions in Barcelona.

The interesting thing about the building is that it is the birthplace of the famous Catalan artist Joan Miro. The idea for the museum comes from the artist himself, who wanted to come to Barcelona at the age of 14 to study fine arts. Many artists from the Catalan cultural sector have revived the contemporary art galleries we have in Catalonia with the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1992.

The 20th century brought a new artistic ferment to Barcelona, which was reflected in the arrival of Malaga - born Pablo Picasso. Today, Barcelona has a Picasso museum, but the most famous museum in Barcelona is the Museum of Modern Art. (Museo de Arte Moderna de Barcelona - MAMB), the world's largest museum of modern art.

Picasso's masterpiece was painted at the age of 18, just a few months after his arrival in Barcelona. The painting inspired countless others, including the works of Henri Cartier - Bresson, Henri Matisse, Jean - Michel Basquiat and Henri Rousseau.

Joan Miro, who also owns a museum of the same name in Barcelona, and Salvador Dali, whose fantastic museum is located on the Costa Brava in the north of Barcelona, also come to the Catalan capital. Joan Mrois was a Barcelona-born artist who is considered one of the greatest names in surrealism.

If you want to see the quality of art in Barcelona and the local artists, I strongly recommend you visit Plaassa del Pi, a square famous for its great art galleries, and of course there is a great museum with some of the biggest works of art in the city, the Picasso Museum. From Gaudi to the Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona is home to many of the best Spanish works - from Salvador Dali and Joan Miro to the greats of surrealism. Although he was born in Malaga in Andalusia and was not born in Barcelona and lived most of his life in France, it was he himself who proposed the cities of Céleona as a location for a museum dedicated to his work. Picassi comes from Barcelona, where he spent much of his formative youth and where many works are exhibited in our collection as well as his own museum.

Enjoy even more beautiful views by cable car and then visit the great museum, the Picasso Museum and the other major art galleries in the city. If modern art is more your thing, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona and its rotating gallery, or if you are more interested in such things, visit the Museo de Arte Moderna, one of the most important museums in Barcelona.

Barcelona is really awash with local and international art galleries dedicated to this medium, and there are some that might be of particular interest to street art lovers. The cool thing about Barcelona is that artists have plenty of space to hold their own exhibitions, bringing together different styles of art to enter the art scene of Barcelona. Two art events not to be missed when you are in Barcelona are Art Basel and the International Art Festival of Barcelona, two of the most important events in the city.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia, also known by its acronym MNAC, is an art museum in Barcelona that brings together art from around the world to preserve and exhibit some of the most important works in its collection. The Disseny Hub in Barcelona is a museum that occasionally hosts exhibitions focusing mainly on conceptual and modern art, but the real highlight is the vibrant, colourful Romanesque frescoes rescued from a collapsed church near the Pyrenees. The Centre Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) has a series of exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, from the history of Catalan art to modern and contemporary art. It represents the entire history and art of Catalonia and houses the largest collection of Catalan artists in Spain, as well as many other international artists.

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