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When spring is really spring, you will be hard to find - a perfect time to stay in Barcelona than March. Endless events coupled with plenty of sunshine make Barcelona a place to be in March, and spring is just around the corner.

The vibrant music scene is one of the most important aspects that makes Barcelona so special, and music festivals in Barcelona do not miss a beat, offering an eclectic mix of music from around the world as well as local and international artists.

In addition to cross-border events, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya also offers events for all types of audience. The most emblematic of these events is the Spanish Grand Prix, a long distance race initiated and sponsored by the Catalan Autodromo National de la Republica de Espana (National Park of Catalonia). It has been held since 1959 and is one of the most important events in the history of Spanish racing and the second largest race in Europe after the World Championship. In summer 2014 it will be held in Barcelona, this time in partnership with the FIA, a partnership between the European Touring Car Association (ECA) and Formula E (F1).

If you have a sweet tooth and want to visit Barcelona in March, the Sant Medir Festival is a must. The great thing is that La Merce Festival is held at the same time as the festival, giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of the warm and sunny weather. For beer lovers who want to do something in Barcelona in March, this is another activity not to be missed.

Catalans are big fans of holidays, with the romantic day being St George's Day on April 23. If you are in town at this time, you will certainly get lost in planning the timing of these three amazing festivals. So if you decide to go to beautiful Barcelona, if you go out and know you want to make the most of your trip when you go, you should plan some of the best romantic things to do in Barcelona. And of course, if we already have the exact dates in your calendar and you already know when we will be visiting Barcelona, have a look at our offers page!

If you want to fly to Barcelona, some of the best Avio airlines to search for deals are Vueling, Transavia, Iberia and British Airways.

The best way to plan your train journey from Brussels to Barcelona is by train, for a change from Paris. Although the land route from Rome to Celona is not as direct as the flight route, it is possible to take a train from Barcelona to Rome. Barcelona takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes by plane and is the easiest and fastest way to reach sunny Barcelona from Amsterdam. The city centre can be reached by metro, bus or train and from the plane it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You can also take some unusual pictures of Barcelona from the races passing by. Last but not least, the Catalan Festival in Barcelona, which showcases some of the best art, music and culture from Spain and the rest of Europe, is a must-see event.

Whether you are looking for a child - friendly activities or just an authentic Catalan festival , you will not want to miss this lively event.

If you are in Barcelona with your children on March 3, the so-called "Sweetest Festival" is a must. Also known as Festa Major dels, this festival is an opportunity to get an insight into the authentic Catalan traditions in a district that is normally dominated by tourists. This is one of the biggest festivals ever held in Barcelona and Catalonia, and it is the perfect way to embrace the Catalan way of life. But there is more to come at this most authentic and unique festival, which takes place in March in all of Barcelona.

La Merce transforms Barcelona into a big stage that bursts with fantasy and imagination. It takes up a lot of space because it is a big street festival that turns Gracia into a kind of fantasy world. This is done in Barcelona in August and it is one of the most popular street festivals in the city of Barcelona.

If you have always wanted to see everything that Barcelona has to offer, whether it's its history, culture or just a great day, then the Barcelona Marathon is the perfect day for you. It's a live history lesson that will be rolled out in one of the coolest things to do in Barcelona in March. This is your own PR time and it is a very popular event with many people from all over the world, from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya also offers a series of events that are not related to the world of motorsport, but take place all year round at the Circuit de la Barcelona, Catal uny.

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